Thursday, 16 February 2012

"Give Me Five" has Meaning!

I was astonished by the length of this MV. I didn't really think I was gonna watch it all, but as soon as I started, I couldn't look away. I loved it! every single aspect!
When I was watching it, I watched it without subs first, to test my Japanese. I got the majority of it, but not enough to fully understand the philosophical meaning of the MV and song. As I got the chance to see the English Sub version of "Give Me Five". I can't locate one, but in good time AKB48 will release it. Probably in Eng Sub as well. They have a lot of Eng Sub for their songs, on their official YouTube channel. I did find a link, but not sure if it will get deleted soon or not. So watch it while you can. No subs. Good luck haha~ Sorry~ My post will kind of sum up the 34mins MV.   (This persons site has the full MV)

From what I remember, Atsuko has divorced parents and is separated from her loving brother; younger. Yuko works at a brothel to help her family's debt problem. Takahashi is a traffic director (I believe). And Kashiwagi got bullied a lot in middle school and it has caused her to go crazy and she can't control what she does with her hands.

Ok! I was alright with all of their stories. It was cool and creative. Yet, when Yuko's story played out, I couldn't help but cry so much. I'm actually crying just thinking about it. It was so sad and a huge emotional roller coaster. Atsuko made a strong point when she said something like, "All I can do is comfort her by touching/rubbing her back. There's nothing I can really do". I felt that moment played so well to the "sympathy" card. There's that saying, you can't fully understand someone, unless you walk a mile in their shoes.

As someone who is living a hard life, I understand that we all have to just go with the flow. There is only so much we can do to change it. Never stop trying of course. I wouldn't be a very good activist now.

Not only was the song amazing, but it was that MV that captured everything (for me). I totally recommend you all to try finding the full Music Video on Google. You have to watch it. Or wait till AKB48 uploads it (hopefully).  You have to see it!

Another part of the MV was about a band coming together. At the end they were called, "Baby Blossom". They performed at their graduation together. They obviously performed, "Give Me Five".

I wonder if the whole point of the MV was to just get Japan to understand depression, harassment, and hardship of everyday humans. Sure, their stories aren't the average people in Japan, but they were examples. Here's a philosophical question for you. "Is life real? Or just an illusion" Ponder that for awhile. See what you come up with.
I would love to say, I'm a genuinely happy person. I'm really not all to happy. I'm content. I'm happy when I'm with my friends, but that's it.
That term, "fake", applies to everyone. No one is real because then we would have to be honest about everything. Coming everyday to school with a smile on your face is a burden sometimes.

Life is hard. I know, cheesy, but it's true. Life moves on as well. Don't think because something bad happened to you that life has to end. Try to make others happy. We do live in a world were our selfishness really takes over our common sense.
I don't want you to watch this full MV for the song (although it is a great song). I want you to watch this MV too understand the world a little better. Those who do understand the true meaning of the MV will see that we are just humans. No one is better then anyone else. Although media would disagree with me (I feel this post is a serious one).  I guess I started this post thinking I would talk about the meaning of the song and how wonderful AKB48 is, but I just fell in love with the MV so much that it deserved it's own post. I know not a lot of people read long posts, yet what if you could learn something from my post? I do love those words, "What if?". Hypothesis occur and then our imaginations that over. Then we can get into illusions and how the world is a big illusion, how we, as humans, are portraits of an illusion. Fascinating! Isn't it? It seems ridiculous that I'm incorporating philosophy with AKB48, yet it was played out so well!! Don't underestimate the music industry.
I will leave this post with another question (if you don't mind).
What is the meaning of life?

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