Friday, 4 January 2013

My Top 10 48-Family Members

I'm not going to do a Top 10 for all of the sister groups...that's too much work for my lazy butt. Instead: I'm going to share my top 10 fav members from all of the groups (combined into one list).

#10 - Oshima Yuko (AKB48)

There's a lot to say about this girl, but because I'm not in the mood to explain every detail as to why she is #10, I'm just going to say that I have major respect for her and I'm happy she's center~

#9 - Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48)

I'm getting more intrigued by her and I really hope she improves her singing and dancing in 2013 - I would love to see her with confidence (I know she can do it!)

#8 - Murashige Anna (HKT48)

She's hilarious! Pretty talented, not overwhelming, but I love her! I don't really get her nickname "Russian Monkey", but it oddly suits her (I hope that's not offensive~). In the picture, she's the girl on the left, the other girl is Rino (I believe - Rino is actually #11 on my list, but this is only a Top 10 - sorry Rino).

#7 - Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (JKT48)

Well in all honesty: I only really know 2 JKT members (the other one being Cleopatra). I'm still learning their names and getting to know them, but honestly I have no idea where I should go to learn more about them - their language is something that has a strong barrier for me. I love Melody because she's the ace, so I give her props for being able to keep this overseas 48-group in-tacked.

#6 - Matsui Jurina (SKE48)

Do I even have to say much? She's just amazing...and super talented...and a great comedian (in my eyes~).

#5 - Minegishi Minami (AKB48)

She makes me happy, every-time I see her. Her personality is great and I admire her beauty~~ Envy~~~

#4 - Ichikawa Miori (AKB48)

LEMON-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WILL DESTROY YOU WITH HER LEMON FETISH AND CUTENESS! I think I have WAY to much fun being her fan~

#3 - Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48)

FOOD...and BOOBS! Some days I wish I was straight~

#2 - Kuramochi Asuka (AKB48)

Oh....Asuka~ our fav Hentai~ So much goes into your gimmick and you really don't care - you just love ears and we've accepted you for who you are! Be proud of your fetish Asuka-san! There will always be ears out there for you!


Do I have a thing for members with fetishes?

#1 - Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)

Everyone's favorite Reaction Queen. Yuki is great in many ways and she's just as weird in many other ways. Yuki will always have a place in my heart as she is one of the reasons why I got into AKB48~ Even though she is my Oshimen, there is still a lot to love - just watch any episode of AKBingo!~~~


  1. Boobs... almost as wonderful as legs :D But OMG SAYAKA BOOBS! <3 And Paruru is in there, I am so happy! She is so cute! Minegishi and Jurina, too <3 ZOMG HAPPINESS!

    1. haha~ you can't go wrong with legs or boobs - especially if they are like Sayaka's hehehehe~~
      How can anyone not like these girls - they're all fabulous in their own way ^_^~~~

  2. Oh, I adore Murashige Anna. She and Miorin were on the short list for my top 20.

    1. Everyone should have Lemon-sama on their list~~~~~ she's just wonderful~
      Anna is so funny! She pretty much got me into HKT48~ I read about your list yesterday and I was not surprised about your #1, but I was surprised Yuko made the list~ I'm happy you got over the balloon-fiasco~ haha

    2. Excellent list, Murashige Anna is the Russian Monkey because she's half Russian.

    3. Awwww thank you very much! I knew she was half something, but I wasn't sure until now haha~ she's still my fav HKT member ^_^~

  3. Is that a fresh lemon sayanee is squeezing???

    1. YES IT IS!!! ^_^! That picture was perfect because she is one number higher than Lemon-sama haha~

  4. Yay paruru placed on your list! Haha im so happy, woah paru's charm is really strong <3 im so happy~ I laughed at the sayanee part haha yea srlsy there some days that i wish mine were as big as hers too lol.